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Responsible Gambling

Pelorus is acknowledged in the gaming industry as a successful operator of gaming machines with an emphasis on compliance and integrity.

The vast majority of patrons who support our Trust by playing the gaming machines at our licensed venues recognise that the occasional flutter is harmless fun. However, we acknowledge for a few people gambling can be addictive, and that this may cause social or economic problems for those people.

With this is mind the Trust has been a leader in the industry by introducing a responsible gambling programmed into all of our tavern and bar sites. Our machines are only located in areas designated as restricted or supervised, ensuring that no one under 18 years of age can play a machine.

Our venue personnel are trained to recognise the signs of problem gambling and a self-exclusion process is available for any patrons who wish to ban themselves from the gaming environment. Please see the Self-Exclusion page for more details

The Trust has a Harm Minimisation Policy which is on display in all our venues. This policy is as follows:

Gambling Harm Reference Card

Gambling Harm Reference Card

The Pelorus Trust Harm Minimisation Policy

The Pelorus Trust and its Venue Operators recognise the rights of individuals to make informed decisions about their preferred entertainment. However, to minimise the risks that gambling creates for a small number of people, the Trust has developed the following Harm Minimisation Policy which is in place in this venue.

  • The venue will display a notice in the gambling area advising customers that the venue has a policy for identifying problem gamblers, and that a copy of the policy is available on request.

  • The venue will display information posters and provide pamphlets in the gambling area for customers. These highlight the issues surrounding problem gambling, and offer contact details for problem gambling support providers.

  • The venue also has signage stipulating that machines cannot be played by persons under 18 years of age

  • To assist with the enforcement of the Harm Minimisation Policy and the age restriction on players, this venue has been fitted with digital security camera systems to enable the machines to be monitored.

  • This venue also conforms to a policy of "anti-soliciting". This means the venue does not openly promote gambling through competitions or inducements over and above the prizes offered by the machines.

  • The Venue Manager is required to identify those persons who he or she has reasonable grounds to believe are actual or potential problem gamblers (defined as someone 'whose gambling causes harm or may cause harm'). Once identified, the venue manager must approach the problem gambler and offer advice or information about problem gambling including details of the self-exclusion procedure available. This procedure allows for an exclusion order to be issued to the person that prohibits the person entering the gambling area of the venue for a period of up to 2 years.
  • After offering advice or information, the venue manager may issue an exclusion order, which must be enforced unless a process of re-entry has been undertaken as prescribed by Regulations issued under the Gambling Act.
  • An exclusion order must be issued to a person who identifies himself or herself to the venue manager as a problem gambler.
  • Once the order has been issued to a person, the venue manager must remove that person if they enter the gambling area of the venue in breach of exclusion order.

All Pelorus sites display prominent signage and information brochures like the ones shown below. The pictures have been scaled down. Please click on the picture to see the full-sized image. (Please note the images are copyrighted).

The Trust funds problem gambling counseling, referral and educational services so that those who need to access these services may do so quickly, confidentially and at no cost.