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Our next closing date is Wednesday 7 December 2022. Please apply for funding no more 3 months in advance of the event or project taking place.


How much should I apply for?

This is obviously up to you, but clearly the maximum would be the total of the quotes for the goods or services that you require. In the past the Trust has funded grants ranging from $200 to $100,000 although our average grant is around $2,000. The trustees may take into consideration your own fundraising efforts, whether you have applied to other organisations and the frequency of your applications. It is most common that the Trust will "part fund" an application.

Should I apply for one large sum or breakdown the application into smaller components over a period of time?

Because the demand for grants inevitably outstrips the Trust's financial ability to fund, it may be prudent to consider smaller requests. As our Trust continually raises funds for the community, if you are unsuccessful one month it may be worthwhile applying again later in the year.

If we received a grant last year can we assume we will be funded for the same purpose this year?

No. Each application will be treated separately and on its own merits and against other applications received at the time.

What if we get a grant and can't use it for the purpose for which we applied?

You must notify us immediately, in writing. You may only spend the funds on another purpose if the Trust approves. Again we will approve this in writing. We may request the funds are returned to the Trust. Alternatively you may voluntarily return the funds.

How much information should we include to support our application?

Please do not assume we know everything about your organisation. Aside from attaching recent society minutes and the requisite quotes, it is worthwhile to 'paint a picture' about your project or organisation. Do not include any original documentation that you may want back, photocopies are fine.

If I am requesting funds for an event how soon before that event should I apply?

We would strongly recommend that you lodge any application at least six weeks prior to the event taking place.  No funding will be made to any application retrospective which means that NO grant can be made to reimburse money already spent by the grant applicant including deposits.

Is there a limit to the number of times we can apply?

No. But if you have been turned down because you do not qualify for funding, rather than the Trust having insufficient funds available or choosing not to support your funding request for whatever reason, then you will need to modify your application before re-applying. Please also note that the Trust cannot fund retrospectively.

How long will it take before we know if our application is successful?

The Pelorus Board of Trustees will usually meet twice monthly to consider applications, although this may vary due to seasonal demand. Please check the Left Side-bar section of this website as upcoming closing dates are displayed for your information. The Trust will consider all applications that are complete each time they meet and will seldom 'hold-over' applications. This means that the applicant will know in a short space of time whether they are successful or not. Either way your organisation will be notified of the Trustees decision, in writing, within seven days after the Trust meeting.

Can I apply to other trusts for the same thing at the same time?

All gaming trusts are very wary of applicants who may be "double dipping". This means replicating the same application to a number of trusts using the same quote and requesting full funding to the value of the quote submitted. It is unlikely that this type of request will be viewed favourably. Alternatively some applicants may split their funding request (say for $10,000 for a new children's playground) into four requests for $2,500 to four separate trusts. This latter example is legitimate and may qualify for funding.

Do you only fund sporting groups?

No. We fund many different clubs and organisations across the community, although it would be fair to say that the majority of applications received would be from amateur sports clubs, which is then reflected in our funding pattern. A full list of our recipients for the last financial year is posted on this website.

If my application is for a legitimate, legal purpose and your Trust has funds available am I guaranteed to receive some funds?

No. The Trust will not consider your application unless it qualifies in terms of the Trust's grant criteria and the law. However, even if your group does qualify for funding the Trustees have the unfettered authority to approve or decline any application, simply they may not wish to support the cause you have applied for.

Are our chances of receiving a grant enhanced if we support the Trust's member hotels?

No. The Trust and its sites have an excellent operating relationship. Without their assistance we cannot generate income. However the Trust acts independently when deciding who receives funds and we don't know who patronises our sites. Our venues are prohibited from having any involvement in the grant application process and any relationship your club or organization has with a member hotel will not have any bearing on any application you may lodge with the Trust.

What are our chances of being audited?

Our Trust has a systemic audit programme in place. Additionally you may be audited by an Inspector of Gaming from the D.I.A. Your chances of audit are high. We strongly recommend that you keep clear records of expenditure and receipts. Grant fraud is a Crimes Act offence and carries heavy penalties.

Application closing dates
  • Wednesday 7 December 2022
  • Monday 9 January 2023
  • Friday 3 February 2023
  • Friday 17 February 2023
  • Friday 3 March 2023
  • Friday 17 March 2023

Pelorus Trust has a strict closing date policy.

Any late or incomplete applications will be processed for the next meeting.
Grant meetings are normally held within 10 days after the closing date.