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Our next closing date is Wednesday 12th of June 2024.    Pelorus Trust has moved to Coms Grants Database system.  All accountabilities on Brand Advantage (our old grants portal)will still need to be completed on line. Please log in through Apply Online for both options.

Become a Pelorus Operator

The key differences between Pelorus Trust and other gaming machine operators are our people, philosophy and products.

Our Board of Trustees takes an active role in the governance and operation of the Trust. Our publicans appreciate the personal contact from the Chief Executive who brings a different dimension to their relationship with the Trust. Click on Pelorus People for more background information.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Scott Simmiss plays a critical role in working with our publicans to ensure they have the right machine mix and latest games, while maintaining effective relationships with DIA, Territorial Authorities, machine suppliers, service agents, and industry groups. Scott's vast experience in the gaming industry is a principal reason for the high regard in which the Trust is held by regulators, venue and the community we serve.

The other Trust staff provides all the day-to-day support to assist our venues to run their gaming machines. Our team is very customer-focused and friendly. We have varied backgrounds which include hotel operations, administration, advocacy, marketing and finance. This ensures we can give the operators of our machines the best management support.

Our philosophy is not to be the biggest gaming operators - just the best. Because we work with a select number of venues you will be greeted by name not number. We will take the time to understand your business and work with you to build a successful gaming operation.

Similarly, this philosophy spills over into the type of equipment we operate. Our size means we can adapt quickly to a rapidly changing gaming environment and adopt new technologies as they come to market. See our Technology section to view an example of this.

If you are considering your options for a new gaming partner at your venue, we would be happy to talk and listen.

Please contact us on (04) 589-0819 to discuss this opportunity further.