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Our next closing date is Wednesday 1st May 2024.    Pelorus Trust has moved to Coms Grants Database system.  All accountabilities on Brand Advantage (our old grants portal)will still need to be completed on line. Please log in through Apply Online for both options.

Grant Accountability

Accountability Requirements

Accountability Requirements for Application Approved 
From 1 October 2010 recipients are required to complete a Grant
Accountability Report within 3 months of receiving funds from the Trust (unless
you have been given longer to complete this) that includes bank statements
showing receipt of the funds, proof of purchase and all relevant invoices and the bank statement showing the payment being made.  

When a grant has been received and used for its purposes the applicant/users can view link through the approved emailed or click the Accountability Reports in the Applicants Dashboard once you have accessed the accountability report required please complete all the required details.

1. Click “Accountability Reports” in the Applicant Dashboard to access your accountability report.

2. Click on the “App No” that relates to your application to complete Accountability Report, to open the report.

3. Click start at the bottom of the page to proceed to the nest step.