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Our next closing date is Wednesday 1st May 2024.    Pelorus Trust has moved to Coms Grants Database system.  All accountabilities on Brand Advantage (our old grants portal)will still need to be completed on line. Please log in through Apply Online for both options.

Paihia School get close to nature

A Grant from the Pelorus Trust benefited the community from Paihia School, enabling students to take a trip close to nature.

"Dear Pelorus Trust,

Thank you for giving the money to us and helping us on the trip. We had a great trip. It was about birds. We heard tui’s playing tag. We heard them tweeting in the trees. They were tweeting for 4 minutes.

I thank you because I enjoyed the trip yesterday. I like how you were helping our class go on this trip and taking us on a great adventure. I like to thank you because I having a great time.

I learnt to make traps with Bj. We had some tools to build the trap for the Mice. We had to move everything inside because it was raining. We Decorated them on the top, sides and bottom.

Yours Sincerely Liam N."