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Our next closing date is Wednesday 17th of July 2024.    Pelorus Trust has moved to Coms Grants Database system.  All accountabilities on Brand Advantage (our old grants portal)will still need to be completed on line. Please log in through Apply Online for both options.

Mary Potter Hospice

Thank you for your generous grant in favour of Mary Potter Hospice, resulting from our
successful application to the Pelorus Trust for the purpose of refurbishing our sluice

We also acknowledge the confidence the Trust places in our organisation that we will use
these funds wisely and well, to offer the highest quality palliative care for people who need
our specialist service.

All of us at the Hospice are proud to serve the communities of Wellington, Porirua and
Kapiti. We truly share your commitment to ensuring that a comprehensive range of
professional palliative care services is freely available for people living with a terminal
illness, and their families and friends.

Thank you again for your willingness to continue your financial support by making a gift for
the provision of free hospice services in your community this year. The ongoing
contributions from Pelorus Trust really do make a difference in the range of services we are
able to provide, free of charge, for people who need us.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Paine
Cheif Executive