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Our next closing date is Wednesday 12th of June 2024.    Pelorus Trust has moved to Coms Grants Database system.  All accountabilities on Brand Advantage (our old grants portal)will still need to be completed on line. Please log in through Apply Online for both options.

Blenheim Playcentre

Dear Pelorus Trust,

Blenheim Playcentre wishes to thank you for your amazing grant of $50,000 towards the upgrade of our Outdoor Learning Environment.

Your grant has enabled our centre to achieve our long held dream of creating a wonderful outdoor area for play and learning for our children and future generations.

On May 4th our members and their families, along with the Marlborough community celebrated the official reopening of our centre.

It was an incredibly special day and very rewarding for those that have worked extremely hard over the past three years on this project.

We hope you are as proud of what we have achieved as we are.

Many thanks Karina Love and Stacey Inwood

Blenheim Playcentre President & Project Co-ordinator